Dee Brown, CEO of the P3 Group, Inc. – Changing 60,000 Pound Anchors on Nuclear Submarines – and Other Public-Private Partnership Development

Phil is joined in this episode by Dee Brown, CEO of The P3 Group, Inc., a commercial real estate, boutique development and consulting firm that specializes in business and community development through the creation of P3's: public private partnerships.  Dee explains that The P3 Group’s projects are atypical, meaning that they generally take on modestly sized building projects, which most P3 companies shy away from—due to the complexity of the deals and efforts needed to coordinate these types of municipal projects.  For instance, Dee’s first public private project was changing 60,000 pound anchors on a nuclear submarine. 

Phil and Dee discuss the benefits of a company like The P3 Group, with its multi-faceted background of team members that include legal, real estate and construction experts.  Dee goes on to discuss an exciting project that The P3 Group recently received an award for – an 80,000 sq. ft. regional public safety facility for police, EMS, and other governmental emergency responders.  It will be designed to withstand extreme inclement weather, no-power, and no water!  Tune in to learn more.

Dee Brown

Dee Brown

As Chief Executive Officer Dee Brown has a 26 year record of real estate sales, development, management, and  success overseeing all phases of  multi-million dollar construction, infrastructure, water/sewer, and  environmental projects for government and private-sector clients. His experience includes managing personnel of up to 200 people in highway/bridge improvements, asbestos abatement, real estate sales and development, solar installations, and a variety of other projects. Dee is backed by strong credentials and a proven history of on-time, on-budget, and high-quality project completions.

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