Episode 34 – Kevin Bupp, CEO of Sunrise Capital

KevinBupp Headshot.jpg

On this episode, Phil Coover is joined by Kevin Bupp, CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors and host of the popular podcast “Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow”, on which Phil was a guest in November. Florida-based with a national presence, Sunrise Capital has developed an investment niche in mobile home parks. Kevin and Phil discuss what makes this asset class different from other multi-family commercial real estate and the unique opportunity it presents. Kevin also talks about making the transition from self-funded investment to finding partners and raising capital.

Kevin Bupp is a real estate and marketing professional with extensive business development experience who holds a sincere passion for helping investors achieve above average and safe returns. He has a successful track record of identifying and re-positioning multi-family value-add properties. Kevin’s “Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow” podcast is available on iTunes.

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