Episode 19 - Andy Koglin

Phil sits down with our first architect on the podcast, Andy Koglin—the President of OKW Architects.  Andy tells Phil about current trends in real estate, including redeveloping and adapting bricks and mortar for different uses by creating value and density, and seeing an increase in urban infill properties. Examples of these projects are the new Amazon, Bareburger, and Soul Cycle in the Clybourn Corridor. While Phil has Andy’s ear, he asks Andy to tell us about the NewCity Development, and how he approaches integrated community development projects such as the Southport Corridor. 

OKW is involved in many aspects of commercial real estate, from architecture, to interior design, to urban planning, and to landscape architecture. You will see OKW on many interesting projects such as New City in the bustling North/Clybourn corridor, to central station in Evanston, IL, to the Soul Cycle on Southport. The good people at OKW take an idea from start to reality. 

We should note that at the end of the episode Andy tells Phil about the CANstruction fundraising project to help the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  While we did not get a chance to release the podcast while this project was on display, we urge you to keep this project in mind for next year as it helps a great cause. Schenk Annes Tepper Campbell Ltd. was a proud sponsor of the OKW team’s project this year.

Learn more about OKW here.  http://www.okwarchitects.com/

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