Episode 1 - C. Michelle Panovich

Real Estate for Breakfast is a Chicago centric real estate podcast which brings real
estate professionals and attorneys together to create thoughtful commentary on
current real estate issues, explanations of sophisticated real estate problems, details
on current developments and entertaining discussion.

Episode 1 Guest Speaker - C. Michelle Panovich of Mid-America Asset Management, Inc.
Description: In the first episode, Phil sits down with C. Michelle Panovich of Mid-
America Asset Management, Inc., and Andy Annes of Schenk Annes Tepper Campbell
Ltd., to discuss Michelle and Mid-America’s redevelopment efforts in connection with
the Ford City Mall, the Deerbrook Mall, and downtown LaGrange, IL. Michelle
discusses her team’s approach, vision, and financing needed to redevelop commercial
property on a mass scale. Michelle ends by discussing her rewarding work in support of
the Marshall Bennett Institute of Real Estate at Roosevelt University.

Find out more about Mid-America Asset Management here.

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